Courtney  asks: Will I ever be happy?

The Guide’s response:

Dearest one, to seek happiness, of course, you will find it.  But understand the path that you give out is that that you receive back. So even if at first you feel like you are pretending, do so.  Smile, open your heart to those that are near whether they be dear to you or not.  Seek to comfort them and in time they shall be for you.  Happiness is a state of being, all points of vibrations of peacefulness, love, presence.  These are all what you seek.

In order to love, there are times that you must feel pain as well as the bliss of it.  This creates an energy within you that helps you step forward. If you understand that the essence of you is love than you are happy.  If you have the ability to feel pain because you understand what that is, happiness.  As to a path that is filled with nothing but happiness, then you must understand that you are only love and you shall be that that you are.  Radiate and attract it back to you dearest one for it is there for you.  You are not alone.