Trying to establish contact with spirit guides

AJ Adams  writes, “My question is about my guides and my psychic abilities. I have been trying to establish contact with spirits on “the other side” for some time now. No one that I know that has passed from this life, but people who are currently with me such as spirit guides or angels (is there a difference?). I speak out loud my intention. Then I get quiet, I meditate, and truthfully, I usually wind up drifting off to sleep, but I haven’t as of yet been able to establish a connection I can recognize in my awake, conscious world. I wish I could. I want to know them. Is this kind of connection possible for me? Do I have other psychic gifts I haven’t yet tapped into?

Once I had a fleeting vision of a man working on the railroad. He waved to me. Is he one of my guides, or was this just another fleeting dream?  Thank you for your help, I do appreciate you. Have a wonderful, happy day.

Blessed one, yes.  Yes, all is good.   Your process is yours and truly is unique to you.  The communication you’ll establish with the entities that surround you will be yours, so let it be that.  Whether it be through some simple words, a trust, a feeling.  But mostly understand that your body is working very hard to be the receiver, perhaps too hard.  It is not that you are going with the current but with the flow so let it be open, let it be gentle.  Understand that at first it may seem like your own voice within your head.  There is nothing wrong with that. You have a beautiful voice.

You are a kind and loving being. The information that comes especially to help another will be separate from you and is something you would not think about for any length of time. So, the information will be fleeting, sweet and simple.  I also must say my darling that there is a small amount of fear that lies within you, so this must be balanced.  To be balanced with the joy of being in the light and in the truth.  It is like a child who first goes to the amusement park that wants the exhilarating feelings but there is also a fear that this might be the end.  Dearest one, breathe through any of the fear and trust that in spirit there is nothing that would harm.  In fact, that would be impossible.  It shall be held in light and love and your communion will be there.  For other gifts this is a door you will open.  And you will see your entire life grows through this process as the most amazing gift to yourself blessed one, to grow, to be.

And the man working on the railroad is a beautiful entity that wants you to know he is there.

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