Trusting information from guides and pendulums

Shadow Dancer has been contacting spirit guides and is a little confused because some of the information she has been receiving does not appear to be the truth. She’s been using a pendulum to do this, mostly, and is now uncertain whether she can trust this information. She has a few questions. Firstly she asks if there are guides that have never lived on earth. Also, she wonders if they sometimes give false information as a means of teaching, or whether she has contacted some energy that she shouldn’t be communicating with.

A human being in body in the physical dimension would only have an entity of guardianship, or guide, that has also walked in this physical dimension you dwell in. They may have been in other dimensions as well, but must have the experience of being in the one the being dwells in that they help. As for giving false information, that is impossible. For one would not be an entity of guardianship, or guide, if one were choosing to give falsehood. The translation or transmission can often be confused through the need for certain growth of that being (the one in the physical domain). Does that help you?

So if she is using a pendulum and asking questions, then the transmission may be a little confused?

It can be, through the need for her to learn other things. It would be my understanding that this lovely being wants very much to be always receiving truth. And in that great desire could distort it. For her want is more of control than a true understanding.

Speak to her that if she wishes to use a pendulum, have it hang from something other than her being, and if it speaks to her this is fine. If it does not, then she must find another means for her transmission or understanding. She is a beautiful being, wanting very much to understand all things. Perhaps in her anxiety, and some fear, the transmission has become somewhat clouded. It is not a great harm done, and she can see the truth. She must continue to try. But often when one is trying so hard, she might be in the stream of light, but going in the wrong direction. Tell her to release her desire, to let it flow–that whatever will be will be. Often the greatest growth happens with the least amount of effort.

So this information that she got about someone that was not well, something to do with a master guide and a symbol…should she be pursuing that?

She should trust that her information comes from the light, the truth. That perhaps through her fear the information became distorted. It’s not that she is full of fear, but often when one begins there are little areas that are still somewhat holding too tight. She fears loss. She fears losing, and wants to be prepared if it would happen. She is a beautiful being. Tell her to work on sending healing to all those as well as herself. And she will receive her understanding. She always has. She is simply not willing to hear the truth that is being spoken to her now.

Tell her to seek her own truth. This is the greatest thing she can do for herself now.

Thank you. I’ll tell her that.

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