Ann writes:

Dear angels and guiding spirits,

I have two part-time jobs. One in sales and one in non-profit. I have more opportunities coming up with both. On the one side that is great on the other side I can’t let go of open a bakery. Why am I obsessing about this? I am watching anything about cakes and cupcakes and it has turned in to a huge obsession of mine. It is funny, but my soul is yearning for something more creative than what I am doing. I have no experience in this but have since I was a young girl been dreaming about my own little cake store.


The guide’s response:

Blessed one, follow your heart.  Follow that beautiful light that is within you, that teacher within, that strong wonderful being that chose all things to help other people.  And you have done so. But it is time to choose for yourself now.  You have been hurt greatly and you need something that will uplift your spirit.  You have great talent, in cooking, in creating joy for others. You’ve done it through many ways and opportunities.  And you know this.  You’re very good at organizing, putting things right, helping people see what they need to do to help themselves.  But you’ve often put your hopes and dreams away, hidden, hoping that someone else will find them and bring them forth for you. You must find them.  You must bring them forth.  And then you will find that all will open up to you.  Be not afraid to be that that you are, blessed one.  You are an amazing being.  Trust in your dream.