IMG_0707Starlight writes:

The last few years have been a big struggle for me in terms of career, relationships and mental health. I have chosen a new career path, which is scary, but I am trying to embrace it. I hope I made the right choice in moving on from my previous career. What’s missing from my life is a partner to share it with and possibly children. Will this happen for me? Also, lately I have been having a lot of vivid dreams about the house I grew up in. From what I remember of my childhood, it was great. But the dreams are often terrifying and I wake up screaming. Does this have anything to do with the nightmares from my childhood and possibly what happened to me in a past life? If so, could you please explain? Thank you so much and God bless you all.

The guide’s response:

Very often, dearest one, dreams are the creation of the need of the conscious mind to understand something.  Your conscious mind tells you many things in this dream, that you are not happy, that you are lonely and that you want the warmth and protection of a love.  The feeling that is dominant when you arrive from a dream like this is what you need to address. So, don’t be afraid to ask yourself about it.  Understand that you are a jack of all trades, that there are many things you could do for career, but there is an emotional depth within you that must be attended to.

To seek a love, you first must begin within your own being.  The love of one’s self is not about addressing the room or the furnishings,  but the need to hear your own voice, the need to feel your own tears and to find the love that you have for yourself.  For that will empower you to be who you are and draw the love to you. I know you want to be very matter of fact and technical.  But some things about your life have been magical– and do not question that.  Allow that amazing energy to flow around you and trust that you are in the right place and the right time and all will be if you learn to love yourself.

It often is a difficult task to love one’s self as one loves others, to see one’s own creation, your body, in all of its wonderment, to have humour and acceptance in all of the actions and choices that you have made. To know that there are times in which you made choices that you would never make now (for you have grown), but to have love for the you that made them then.   This is called growth and it is a continuum that you do continue on. Bless you my child.