Times of stillness allow for greater growth to come

Funtastic writes:

Dear Guides,

I hope I have not, but I sometimes feel that I have gotten into my own way. I did not know better though. The wisdom was not there. If I have lived over 50 lifetimes, one would think the wisdom would be there already especially with avoiding dysfunctional relationships. Maybe I learn about how to deal with people extremely slowly.

For this lifetime, what is the best use of my time? What can you tell me that will give me direction and focus. Is nursing or some type of healing field good for me? I was told, if it is true, that as a child my family saw me heal someone but kept it a secret and I grew up ignorant of my abilities.  Thank you


The guide’s response:

Dear one, you are feeling quite confused.  You feel that there must be a constant height of knowing and passion in your being in order to be.  This quiet or stillness that you might be enduring right now, know that it is for the greater growth to come.  So, be still.  Allow yourself time.

And if you think 50 lifetimes creates all of the wisdom, my dear, than I must be very slow for I am still learning (chuckle).   Yes, perhaps in a different dimension, a different form of learning.  But this is the hunger, the appetite, that is created by many elements in the physical world.  Allow that hunger to be and witness it, and follow it.  That that you formulate in order to express it will fall upon your path and you will know.  It is not a time in which you will find yourself thinking:  Oh now I’ll be that.  Dearest one, you already are.  Your path of discovery is you.  Do not look backwards.   By your amazing abilities you create that that lies before you.

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