An excerpt from our April 2nd Evening with the Spirit Guides

Audience member:     My name is Mike and sometimes to me it seems that….  Well I just wondered if with so many promises that we make, and it’s hard choosing which promises to fulfill.  It seems like there’s finite amount of energy that I have everyday to express myself in different parts of my life. I have this yearning of maybe other promises to fulfill, and I feel I’m having to always choose….


Yes dear, you were very enthusiastic before you came to the physical world and you took on many promises. Old  souls tend to do that.  They want to make sure they touch many lives–and you do.

And you want to make sure you fulfill your own personal part of you. You can think of yourself as the most beautiful diamond, with many facets, and each of those facets is a promise, a part of you yet to fulfill. But do not burden yourself thinking you must do them all. You don’t. You can just be still if you wish to. If you feel exhausted from life then take a moment. Knowing you, you would fill that moment with someone to help with.  For in everything your eyes fall upon, dearest one, you see wonder, you hear wonder.  That is called being.

Don’t be so hard on yourself; you do so beautifully my child. And it’s okay to change your mind and think of something else to do. You have given a great deal to many.