Ust-k-20_12_1Excerpt from a conversation with a guide during our blog channel yesterday. Answers to individual questions will be posted soon.


Hello, do you have any messages or information for us before we start with questionsfrom other people.

Those of us from the light truly desire for a question to be placed, for it is not our work or desire to put our input into your world.

Thank you.  What does that mean “of the light”?

An energy form.  I am no longer able to dwell in your physical world, but I have knowledge of it. There are many of us.  We do not think of ourselves as separate, but as one.

We had someone who called himself by the name Ozymandias who came through and was very forthcoming with information for us.   Was he at a different level from those of the light?


Can you explain about that?

There are those that pass over and they dwell in a time of learning, and sometimes they can still return but they choose to bandy about their knowledge.  I say this not in a negative understanding, but…  well.  I’m sure you’ve all heard of some entities that might speak and yet seem almost as if present in your world.  They are beings that  being that still very much still want to be present in the physical domain, and finds great pleasure in much of it, but they have yet much work to do.

Yes.  So when these beings come through we can listen to them and respect them, but we don’t have to take their words as gospel?

It all depends what you consider gospel, my child.  Any information you glean from spirit, you must always make sure it feels right within your being.  It must resonate through all of you to match your vibration to be right for your being.  There is no one truth, blessed one.  There are many truths and they weave an amazing, amazing cloth in your world.