The truest teacher teaches love to all

AJ writes:

What are the promises I made before coming to this life and what career should I be in to assist me in my endeavor to fulfill my promises?


The guide’s response:

My blessed one, your promises will be known to you in time–but not now. And trust that many of the greatest beings that are in the physical form right now do not know what their promise is, only that they must be.  It is why you struggle with this.  It is why you often look around and wonder what am I doing? How am I supposed to be here?

Trust that you will seek that that you need to do, being that that you are.  There are many things that you can feel very comfortable doing.  It is not so much that that keeps you busy, it is that that you touch those that you be with.  You can go and gather things, beings.  It is the touching, it is the being present amongst the many.  It is seeking the answers, not only for yourself, but also for those that you have helped. That is the ultimate understanding.

Blessed one, you do not have blinders on. See the beauty in your world.  See the blessing and the opportunity to be present. Ask not why, but how.  Ask yourself: How will I do it?  How will I touch my soul so that I can touch others?  How will I form a way in which to communicate to myself as well to others?

Know that the greatest teacher is always the pupil.  Know that the one that has the greatest effect stands amongst, not above.  You know you have a deep wondrous energy and its force is coming.  Rush not quickly through each element of growth.  Each instant of understanding is an element of growth and ultimately for your physical world. Bless you my child.  You are not alone.

It is often the most difficult lifetime when one is ancient and comes through quickly, often feeling very alone.  You have many lifetimes in your repertoire. You feel intensely, so you will question why.  Why did you enter in such realms again when you have  already experienced it?  But now your world needs the teachers. I know your society confuses the teacher with one  stands before a class.  But the greatest teacher is the one who has never stood before a class but who stands willing to be seen, to be heard, to be questioned, to be threatened, to be loved. For the truest teacher teaches love to all.

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