The true creation of what is possible

Another guide said that “the past is in the past”” what does that mean?  What was that wisdom about?

You are in a new era now.  And even the old will not teach those that are present.  It is almost as if before a flame goes out the great blue light arrives, there was a time for a certain amount of history to teach and then it comes to an end.  And that history will no longer pertain to any teaching of the present beings.  That is what is meant.  It is a new thing that is not something known.

That is what is meant.  It is a new thing.  Oh, perhaps if you could step outside of this physical domain and see all of the different civilizations you would see a certain pattern, but even patterns don’t work now, nothing.  You are going to find that all statements that were made don’t ring true any more.  Einstein’s theories will not ring hold any more.  The theories of all things will not hold because they will be disproven by those who dwell in your physical world now.

 So, a higher awareness, an expanded consciousness?

Hopefully, it is possible.  But it is also possible to go backwards right now, not backwards in the history of learning in the past, but backwards in the evolution of spiritual growth.  And what is that?  That is a state of no growth.  And what is that?  That is unhealthy.  And what is that?  That is a cancer, a self imploding of, not being, but simply not growing.  It is possible now.

But also possible now is the rebirth, the true rebirth, the true creation of what is possible.  You believe in your past that those books that were wondrous books and they taught many wondrous things to very un-evolved beings and as the beings evolved they read new things out of them, but they are done.

The words, be that that you are, means be the God that you are.  For you all have that essence within you.  Bless you.

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