The sun’s rays and belief systems

K asks whether sunscreen is good for the physical body or not.  She says she loves the sun’s shining light and rays and does not wish to block it.

The belief system in the physical world is very strong and it has great power.  The conscious mind has great power over the evolution, the physical growth, of the body that holds your spirit.  This sets in motion all sorts of factors.  If you believe that sunscreen will help you, it will.  If you believe it will cause you sickness, it will.  If you believe the sun will make you ill, it will. If you believe the sun will heal you, it will.

I understand what you say, but I’m thinking of those messages from scientists about the results of exposure to the sun causing skin cancer.  Is there a disconnect there?

Your scientific studies say that the amount of these illnesses is increasing—in the knowledge now.

Oh, maybe they weren’t aware of it before.  But certainly there is more radiation from the sun coming on to the earth now.

There have been many times when there was more radiation on your earth.

Really?  And certainly we’re walking around in physical bodies and we’re affected by physical things…


But you’re saying that the belief system is more powerful than that?

Yes.  I’m no
t saying “don’t use sunscreen” and I’m not saying “use it.”  I’m saying: understand who you are, understand what your truth is, what empowers you and what makes you strong.

That’s very interesting.  Thank you.

Tell her if she worries about the sun, cover up. And if she feels good about it enjoy it. But don’t stay out too long.  For any creature in the physical world knows that too much sun causes difficulties.  Even your great elephants know this.

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  1. Barbara May 25, 2010 at 11:10 am - Reply

    I would like to know if I’m on the right path? I feel that the year ahead has a number of changes for me. One of the biggest one is a career change, perhaps not so much a change as gearing down. I am passionate about my work and have spent many happy years in it, still do but I’m starting to feel that it is draining me, I’m feeling physically taxed. I feel that I would like to lessen my work week by one day but I’m not sure if this is feasible financially.

    Do you see changes for me in this regard and in my life as a whole?

    And where is that great love anyway that I have been told is coming my way?

  2. Veerle May 25, 2010 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    Dear Spirit,

    I still don’t understand why we come to earth. If we already know the meaning of unconditional love and truth when we are on the spiritual plane, then how are we the richer for coming to earth and suffering? How is it beneficial to have these “experiences” so that we can “broaden our understanding”. I don’t understand how it helps us to grow when we already are connected to the spirit in all it’s perfection anyway.

    Also, do people who reach Nirvana or a similar state actually complete the karmic cycle and only return to earth again if they want to, not because they have an obligation? Could someone that reached nirvana come back as a criminal or a materialistic person?

    Thank you very much, I appreciate all that you guys do!

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