The sense of heightened vibration

Sandra writes, “Dearest spirit guides, in human form and in spirit form, thank you! I found it hard to read your response as it is true. It is hard for me to let my light shine. I have hidden. I journeyed into the depths of my darkest cave and I experienced the luminosity of my being and I can no longer hide.  I don’t understand what that is yet, what it looks like, but I trust the process. With sincere, heartfelt gratitude.”
Questions: In the past week or so I have been feeling a great energy touching and “buzzing” my heart center. The last time I felt this was a few years ago and I knew who it was – there was a strong heart connection. But this time, who is it? What is it? What is the energy for?

When a being grows, or makes choices, their vibration is heightened.  When you choose the most positive route or the most positive action for your being, your entire vibration heightens. When this happens, there is often a feeling in the physical body of the heart bursting with sheer joy, a knowing. This is what you experienced, blessed one. A true wonder with all manner of being. In time, you will be able to discern who is near, and far, and communicating, or not communicating. But right now just honour your growth by loving your being exactly as you are doing. You are doing beautifully. And yes, your vibration is higher. You often even feel that you don’t touch the ground.

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