The promise to be born to particular parents

H writes:
Dear guides.. I have read that conception takes place in ‘spirit’ prior to the physical act, and that children choose their parents. I wonder is there a child ‘waiting’ for me to meet their other chosen parent in this life-time? My confusion is: do some children know that their choice of parents will not give them the opportunity to all live together in love and support?  Or is what happens post-conception not predestined?

My dearest H, yes, it is truth that conception as you might understand it is set in process long before the physical domain opens to it. Thus, it leaves the variable of chance where it may occur, or may not occur.  This does not change the need for at some point this being to be a child of the being to which they come (whether it be mother or the father).  Each situation is different, and it is not always important for its promise, one always being more important than the other.  There are also circumstances where beings choose to come through certain beings but their promise may be very small such as the giving the child to opportunity to come into the physical domain.  As to knowing what occurs after attaining the physical body, it is truly the  element of chance and the attitude under which the child is raised.  All these are variables that do not have to do with the promise.  Each individual is separate and different.  Know well that when one comes through a certain being, there is nearly always a promise with one of the parents. As to whether the situation stays one way or another, this has very  little to do with the promises of being with one of the parents.

Joanna:  So a child or a being who wants to come in to the world would choose or make a promise with maybe the mother but perhaps not the father.   It could be any father?

Guide:   Yes.  It is possible.  It also may bed that it the promise is with both and that what is created with all three creates growth in other ways.  In other  patterns the being will choose one thing or another.

Joanna:  And so if a being chose to come through as a child to a mother and the mother was not able to have the child either due to physical reasons, or decided to take birth control, or never met a man she wanted to have a child with, what would happen?
Guide:   There are often many opportunities in spirit for a being to choose another to complete other promises.  That that remains with that one will remain and perhaps in another existence, another dimension, it can be completed.

Joanna:   So the choice is there, and there is always the opportunity for that to happen in another lifetime?

Guide:  Yes.  Very new bright entities who do not have a lot of evolution in their beings can choose to come through many different ones.  It is as if opportunities start to open up all over and they will choose one perhaps in haste but it will still offer growth.
Joanna:  So they can be born with any of a number of mothers or fathers?  The promise is just to come through the physical?

Guide:   Yes.  The desire to grow is strong even in the very, very new.  The ancient ones will often wait.

I know this dear one feels that the mate must be perfect.  Trust that there are many ways to the truth, to that that needs to be.  The feeling that this being is waiting in the wings, a desire to hold, can be met through many ways in your world now.  Do not run away from any of them.  I know you have your society’s rules and regulations but the depth of love within this being is very strong.  Allow it to flow. Allow it to be.

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  1. H November 14, 2010 at 4:34 am - Reply

    Thank you for the very detailed response. It has made things much clearer. It is great to be able to get some insight into the bigger picture of life, via the spirit world :)

  2. Almandine November 15, 2010 at 6:21 am - Reply

    I am wanting to know about this man in my life, Z. Yes, I know I hold myself back for him. But I am open to letting others into my life, should they pass by and should I allow myself to be out there in order to see them pass by. But I want to know, what does he think of me? What is going on, what sort of growth is this? Is he angry? What did I do wrong, exactly?

    I am holding out, I know it is part of my soul’s promise, I won’t let go. I will be strong for myself first, and when he sees me, he will see the strength I lacked when I was with him….What of this guides, what of this?

  3. K November 15, 2010 at 11:10 am - Reply

    Dear Guides,
    I am feeling very sad and angry with myself right now. I am afraid that I have done something awful. I am normally a somewhat passive person who never rocks the boat and who tends to leave a bad situation rather than deal with it or be assertive or aggressive.
    I recently left a job working for a business that i felt was lacking in integrity, honesty and ethics. I knew about these things when i worked there, but said nothing because i wanted to keep my job. However, since leaving, part of me is thrilled to move on with my life, but another part of me holds back and wants revenge. Along with some of my former co-workers who are also angry, we sent letters describing the unethical practices that this business engaged in because we felt that to keep quiet would be wrong on our part.
    i thought i would feel satisfaction in doing this and be able to finally move on completely, but instead i feel terrible. I dont think i really did this for the right reasons, as i really just wanted to “get back” at this business for how i was treated.
    i really want to send out positive, healing energy into the world and i am afraid i have sent out alot of bad energy and now i am worried. i would like to know – what it is i am supposed to learn from this experience? And how can I move on from this and focus my life in a positive direction?
    Thank you,


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