The Overturn of souls cont’d

Many ancient beings feel it is easier to pay attention to the mother, the great earth, the physical world that was created for all learning. There is truth that a great amount of damage has been created upon the earth in the process of growing. But know, that this great being, this great globe, its crust will shed like the skin on your body is shed, it will turn and upheaval, it will have changes, but it will be constant. Will it always support the physical world? Yes. It has great cleansing abilities. Its spirit is very clean and very evolved. You see, love feeds all things, not just your beautiful spirit body, but the very earth that supports you, that nourishes you. You are not separate from this earth. You hear its beat, its wonderful rhythm, like every cell in your body. When the time comes of evolution that you hear it so clearly, you cannot help but care and be part of its healing.

The phenomenon of the natural chaos that is often created in your physical world by certain elements clashing and coming together does create earth changes. But you must remember, as well your earth, your planet, it has moisture, dryness, it has heat, cold, expansion, contraction. All natural beings must move with these things. The air movements, the ground movements. All things have their movements, their time. They are not to punish, they are simply to be. Move with them, be not afraid of change. Be not afraid to build, or be near places that have movement in them. These are natural, these are good things. The physical being often does not change without movement. Sometimes, it is just through the chaos that creates growth in a being. Chaos is not a bad thing. It is beyond our control, but it has an element of learning. Know that.

In this time of the overturn of souls there are many new souls that wish to judge. Some will find it easy to pick up arms, to be in war. Love them, do not be angry with them. Understand that they have not yet learned, but are learning. You must find yourself and make your being come forward and speak, your beliefs. That is what you do at this very moment. Whether you wish to speak this to many, or just to yourself, understand it is time for you to speak your truth. It is no longer acceptable to sit while others speak words that are not your truth within your hearing. That is why you feel upset by it. So wrap it in love and say it in the words of tender, dear love that you have and speak to them of their truth. That it is their growth, but it is their actions that affect their being. That if they judge hashly, they are judging themselves harshly. If they go and wish to take up lives, they in turn will have to be taken that way. No, it is not karma, it is not some great book, it is within the sprit of each being. You carry the knowledge of what you need to learn and what you have done. You carry it is your vibrational code and every cell of your body carries this knowledge. And it is empowered by the spirit you are. It is in the process in the very beginning of a life. Love many, just as your are. As to the new ones, do not be angry. Nurture them, love them, feed them the knowledge of truth. One step froward is an amazing thing.

Your physical world will come back into a time of peace again. It depends on how long it takes for the new souls to grow. But that does not mean you should just sit back and say, well, whatever will be, will be. No. You can affect this growth and lerning. The greatest armour old souls have is the lives they live and speaking their voices. You live in a time of amazing communication of all sorts of machines and technology. But very few beings are actually talking to one another. And the greatest learning happens through talking, to being close. Communities were created for great teaching and now it seems like so many are becoming so separate. Is this not true? So, speak. Speak of your knowledge, and your joy and your trust. Don’t be afraid that another will condemn it. It will be helpful to bring forward this wonderful information. Namaste.

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