The life promises of dictators and others

RLJ writes:
In light of the recent death of Mohmmar Khaddafi (and other ‘dictators’ like him over the years like Saddam Hussein, Hitler, etc.) I’m curious as to the life intention of such people. Do they come into the world specifically to become dictators (by ruling their “people” through fear, terror and death)? If so, is it to be as “teachers” so as to teach others not to live in fear but to stand up, have courage and find their own voice and believe in their own truth?

Or is it that becoming a dictator is not necessarily their intention but instead that is what they “became” they never learned to live without fear and insecurity in their own lives and ever had anyone stand up to them long before they become dictators? Thank you.


The guide’s response:

You seek, blessed one, to understand the world that is and how it offers growth and learning.  This being that was named Gaddafi had promises; none of which was to be a dictator. The learning was of control, a spiritual learning.  No, we don’t all need to be dictators to understand control.

Control over others can be a good thing or a bad thing—and both are for learning.  To understand the circumstances that brought this being to this place and this time, know that it was the wonder of all those present.  Many very new souls saw this man as one who could help and protect them.  They were seeking a leader; not all, but many did.  The power that was offered this being coincided with a lack of power that he experienced in early life.  It altered him to the inside-out state of love, state of hurt and anger.  The state of loving to cause fear in other beings, for that is what he felt within.

In the final moments of this one’s life, the greater fear was present.  It is often the case  that where you begin is often when you choose to leave again.  Was it learned, this lesson of fear and control?  It is not up to me to decide this; it is up to the understanding of that being.

You ask about a being coming in to be a teacher.  And it is true some amazing beings do come to this world, to the physical domain to offer learning to others.  Those amazing beings are often exalted but have great and wonderful intentions, not causing harm.  I am not saying one is right and one is wrong.  They are leaders too, offering the other side of the learning.

If you understand that all parts of the world you dwell in, offer life for the purpose of your growth, your learning, then you can understand that certain circumstances create opportunities and choice.  You can see that is where this one was.  The choice was always at hand to do one, or the other.  He was not thinking of greater learning for others.  He became blinded by the need to be important, by the need to be loved. But he found it in the monetary, not in the sense of reality of the beings that loved him.  He became very confused.  Your world often offers scapegoats, so do not blame this one for anyone else’s difficulties.  Remember that each being has a choice.  Those that put this one where he was had a choice and those that brought him down had a choice.  There are those that gave up their life to bring about things, to bring about change.  Know that they are at peace in the understanding that they brought about peace for others.  Many of these ancient beliefs believe that there is a creation of a dimension that is all honey and milk.  If you see understanding as honey and milk, then so be it.  Does that help you?

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