The language of the spirit

KF asks about languages. She says, “When babies are born, before they learn a to speak the language of their caregivers, they communicate and have thoughts and express their feelings and emotions. I would love to remember how I “thought” and how all beings “think” before they have learned a specific language in the physical world. How does a person who is born completely deaf process thoughts to themselves as they grow up, in the way I do when I think of things in the English language. Would you help by explaining this please?

In the process of birth there are many things at hand but the consciousness of the new baby is the consciousness from the last life, from the spirit. It one of calm and openness and receiving. And it is true you can hear any language and know it. So any language spoken you will know, for it is your spirit consciousness that you have. It is under the attitude and your new surroundings that you learn and grow, that your conscious mind is formed. And it takes on understandings of itself–of how it be received, of how it is approached, of what it is like to be in this body. All this is attained by the mind.

If there is something within the physical body that is created for the spirit as an element in which it must grow and learn that has already been understood. For if there is no hearing, the thinking is through sight; the thinking is through feeling. I cannot expect you to understand this when you have these concepts already formed. It is not like taking it away if it never was. And so these ones are also perfect in their growth and their thinking. They are not less than. They are whole.

I think that because we think thoughts, because we have language, we think in words. But I feel what she may be getting at is that there is something below the level of words, something deeper that we maybe have lost, as we learn the language.

The song. There is a vibrational song for every being. And it is not heard through ears; it is heard through the very cells of your body. The concepts are still the same, in the mind. You have what you came in with already there. It is why when many beings look into the eyes of a newborn, they see the world.

I know.

They see depth; not newness of a few days. That is truth. There is a forgetting and a relearning to use a language. But the language of the spirit is known, and it is a song. And the concepts are exactly that–of the song, of the sight, of the sense. Many beings without hearing hear music. But it is theirs. Each being hears each thing differently anyway.

Yes. It’s so amazing how locked inside our senses we are. To step inside someone else’s body would maybe feel totally different.

Yes, because you would be deprived of what you had. But if you never had it there’s nothing to be deprived of. It is a different matter when a being loses hearing after some time. Then there can be confusion and difficulty.

Yes, it would be very difficult.

But if entering into the body that they created to learn their lessons through and have no hearing of speech or eyesight, it is perfect.

They will learn through the senses that they have?

They will learn what they came to learn, and they will teach what they came to teach, and they will give what they came to give. You see, there’s no limitation, for it was created to be what they needed it to be.

The second part of this conversation will be posted tomorrow.

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