VoteTruth Seeker – Dear Guides, was the Building 7 Tower at the World Trade Center during 9/11 destroyed by the American government? Did the American government create or permit this destruction in order to have a reason to go to war? If so, how do we stop this type of behaviour from occurring again? 

Oh dearest one, being part of a political source does have an effect on many situations. And of course, the anger, the hate, the injustice—is part of it. But did they push it over? No. But it occurred, and of course the situation was pretty open for whatever to take hold, for the roots to start growing in deceit and hatred. New souls love to fight; they love to throw spears. And so it is.

The greatest choice you have in affecting your government is your power of speech, your voice, your vote. Be sure you are heard. And then, your truth will have an effect.

You live in a time when there is great learning at hand. But do not learn in fear; rather trust that good will be.

Many of your truths are known to come out of great destruction. Out of the fire, the phoenix. But unfortunately these books never told how long it took. Trust that after this great destruction, good will come; not in the war that ensued, not in the politics that followed. But in the learning and the lessons of those that are present at the time.

Trust in this, my dearest one, and it shall be.