The Experience of Oneness

This is a continuation of the conversation I posted on Sunday about oneness.

While you dwell in this dimension you are of the same energy. You vibrate at different rates, thus you choose different forms to manifest. But all are using the same raw materials I might say. Do you understand this?

When you say, “all are one” are you talking about all living beings, all creatures on this planet?


And we are all connected?


But we feel like we’re all walking around in separate bodies. I was just talking to Jane about this woman, Jill Bolte Taylor , who had a stroke on the left side of her brain and experienced the oneness. What an amazing message she is bringing to the world! But I feel that we cannot be in that oneness all the time; we’re here in bodies for a reason.

This being’s experience creates teaching. Many of your great teachers have spoken of this. Many evolved beings will talk about the great joy and the peace they experience. It can be achieved. Oh it will always be tempered by the physical world, by positive and negative. But you can achieve this great state. What has it been called many times in your world? Nirvana.

It is…that love—uncomplicated, undemanding. It is about being.

This woman you speak of—it was for her own growth and learning that this occurred. It widened her view of life. Whereas before such a statement would have humoured her, she now has great compassion…and depth. She no longer wants to be what she was. She would never give up what happened to her.

But each being’s path is unique in this way. This just afforded her an opportunity to speak to others and because of who she was before others listened. But many have spoken of this very similar thing. They just weren’t heard.

They didn’t have the credibility that she had because she was a scientist?

Oh they had credibility; it was the society’s judgment.


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