The evolved must stand strong and pay attention

It’s Me 11 writes:

Who was I in a previous lifetime and is it affecting how I am now? Am I doing okay and will everything be all right? Thanks.


The guide’s response:

The greater question to ask, blessed one, is not, “Who was I,” but “Why did I return?”


You are not complete; you are not completely balanced.  It would be wrong for me to tell you exactly who you were and what you did. It would take from your own growth. But know that if you have an understanding within you of things that seem familiar, or if you knowledge or information that you have never gone to seek, then allow it to float through you.  Trust that you returned because there is more to learn, to grow through, and you are doing very well.


Your world at times can be diametrically opposed to the spiritual growth.  You will find yourself often standing with many questioning what your purpose of being is.  If you are very still, you will hear your voice and you will know what direction to walk in.  Society’s ways of growth can have very strong effect on a spirit.  For those that came to your world now who simply wish to sit and smell the flowers may feel somewhat lonely and without purpose in a world where so many things are evolving quickly that have very little to do with spiritual growth. So, the evolved must stand strong and pay attention for there are many that are not using their voice and wish to be still, to hear the heartbeat of your mother earth, to hear the words of those that have not  language.   Stand strong— for you are one that can hear it.


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  1. Anni July 11, 2012 at 1:34 pm - Reply


    I have a question about my own insecurities to reach for the things I know I can do but fear doing. What is holding me back to take the next step, and should I concentrate doing my own business?


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