Kristine asks if the planets have an effect on us as the astrologers say, and she also wonders about the moon, whether it has an effect on us.

Yes, absolutely. All are symbols of the great creation of being—circles within circles. Of course these elements all draw on the very creation of the physical being—the elements, the positive, the negative. It is well known that the moon has a great pull upon the physical. Children are born; beings leave at certain times of your moon phases. Your tides, the great ocean (which is a huge dimension in the physical world) is pulled back and forth by your moon, by your sun. And the physical domain cannot exist without it. This is a symbiotic relationship, not only with warmth but in the very healing and growth within the body.

Yes, dearest Kristine, all matter has an effect on your development. Everything–the earth you walk on, the plants that grow from it, the air that you breathe—supports this learning dimension. It is part of this dimension. Nothing is without a purpose and a reason.

The study of astrology takes this quite a lot further in talking about planets having an effect on your birth. Is there anything to that?

Yes, somewhat. Of course, like all conditions in the human experience, those that want to categorize, they limit somewhat. Take all learning and use it for what is right for you. If those need to follow a ritual routine by someone that is limiting them, then that is where they need to be. Is it the absolute truth? It is–for one who wishes it to be so. Remember your power, your choice. If you give up your power into another belief then you limit yourself.

Very wise words.

No, they are truth.

Thank you.