AJ writes:    

Hello, I keep getting a “feeling” that the West Coast of Canada/US will experience a devestating earthquake sometime this year (2012). Can you speak of this at all? I am not trying to cause a panic, but I am curious about this and if these natural disasters are occuring in order to make people aware of what is truely important?

The guide’s response:

Yes.  This is something on the minds of many of you right now and that in itself is a concern. The collective thought has an effect in your physical world.   So collectively, I desire and ask all of you to think wondrous, blissful thoughts of calm and settled vibrations.

Of course your physical world, created for you to learn the physical domain, is going to have certain times of movement and upheaval.  Think of what it is, a molten ball rotating around a fire ball.  This is going to have some effect on many things and least of all it will cause a few bumps and lumps every now and then.  But don’t see them all as disasters, but as occurrences in your great mother earth to stretch, to move, to exhaust a little heat every now and then is something quite natural.

Will it happen?  Of course it will.  When?  It is an unknown factor.  It is an element of chance.  Yes, persuaded by a certain amount of collective thought, conditions, pull, energy.  Your magma in the centre of this amazing globe has a magnetic force that is pulled and pushed and moved from time to time.   Again, it is a moving, changing, breathing earth.  You could think of your planet as an organism to itself.  It is not dead and not moving.  It is very much breathing and shifting so bless it and love it and move with it.  Do not be afraid of it.

So am I hearing you say that if many people are anxious and fearful of this it can actually cause an earthquake?

It wouldn’t exactly cause an earthquake but it causes chaos.  And the more energy that is chaotic, it has an effect in your physical world.

This person is asking if these disasters happen to help people become more aware of what is important.

No.  It is a natural occurrence. Their choices during natural occurrences are definitely important.  But the occurrence is not for the sole purpose of the people on the physical plane.