The economy and love as the medium of exchange

Here’s a conversation with a guide about the economy.  Our words are in blue and the guide’s responses in grey.

I’d like to ask a question, the economy now is on a roller coaster and people are concerned.  Can you talk about the economy?

The economy of where?   Your home?  Your city?  Your province?  You live in all these different cordoned off areas.  Each is different.  There will be some areas where there won’t be food, as you have recently seen in certain places.  There are places where there is a great amount of food.  What economy are we talking about?

You see each being is paying attention to their own little square that their feet may stand upon.  And that’s exactly as it should be.  That’s not a negative.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t hear and learn about the greater scope of many others.  But if you take care of your feet, where they walk and be and how they are treating your own being and others, you affect the economy.

The vibrational place is set in motion by you; you the individual, no matter where you be.  If you are a mother walking through a dust storm with your very hungry children, you are taking them to help, you are giving them growth, hope.  If you are a mother sitting at a table with much food and you are talking to your children and seeing them in their faces, you are giving them hope, you are teaching them truth.  Do you see what I mean?  Do not judge yourselves one to another.

But you want to know what about the economy?  Will the money be more tomorrow than it is today.

So many people in North America are more concerned about the stock market and material possessions than with personal growth and relationships.  Is that what’s causing this collapse right now?


So what is?

The need for change and growth.

Yes, there is a need for change and growth, I see that, in terms of the planet and  sustainability.  Do you see that the economic system that we’ve been operating under for the a few hundred years is coming to an end?


A balancing then?

Yes.  A change.  It will move from one area to another.  There will always be a need for a token.  Until a certain time of evolution where you no longer dwell in the physical world, and you will understand that love is the greatest token to give another.

Love is the medium of exchange.

Yes, until that happens there will always be a need for beads or coins or stocks…or something to say “I have this and you don’t” or “I want what you have.”  That is a necessary back-and-forth friction that is in your physical world.  I am perhaps simplifying it. Does it mean your stock market will rise and fall?  Absolutely.  It must–because beings rise and fall.




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