The Dalai Lama and other bright lights in our world

Shambala writes:

Can you please speak about Tibet. For decades the Dalai Lama, monks and the Tibetan people have prayed, chanted and meditated for the freedom of their people and freedom of their country. How are these prayers manifesting in the physical world and how do the guides of light assist in this? Deep thanks.

The guide’s response:

Yes, blessed one, of course they are assisting in it. The armour of love might take a long time.  For in the physical domain the armour of hate and control has a power that can control, but will not control forever.  The armour of love will move as you will see very soon, slowly, but only one being at a time.

And it will open up that place, that cold and harsh environment that they so truly love.  But truly, the Dalai Lama, his voice, his love has not been stilted by his inability to be in his own country.  His own country is the world.  His joy and love for all manner of being is known and felt.  You might wonder why would such a harsh thing happen to such a loving people. This action actually has created great growth and has brought them out into a world that needed to hear, that needed to see and needed to know love.

There are many that are such bright lights in your world that has come, highly evolved beings that come to seek, to teach, to help and often they have to be in rather difficult positions from them to receive attention, a knowing.  Friction creates growth, creates love.  Understand that love moves through all of these actions.  It may be difficult when you dwell in a place of sadness, or difficulty.  But if you dwell in a place of love while in these places, you shall grow, you shall love.  Bless this child who seeks this answer.  Bless you for bringing all light and love into your life.

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