The consequence of brutal actions

Funtastic writes:

Dear Guides,

Are people who do evil, like African-American slave masters and those who killed or ordered the killing of African people in order to clear land for oil drilling, ever punished or suffer for the harm that they cause others? Are they made to experience the same type of treatment at some point in time? Or do they suffer no negative consequences for their behavior unless other humans hold them accountable?

The guide’s response:

You are a beautiful being my little one.  You seek the higher answer and try not to judge.  You try to understand, for many present these questions and want an answer, when often there isn’t one.

To understand the physical world is to understand that there must be all realms, of good and bad (which is still good if it creates growth, my dear).  I know you see these atrocities and you wonder who is making this right.

To understand the spiritual growth you must understand that you too have walked in these shoes.  And so have compassion, even for the murderer, or the one who puts upon others great pain.  Have compassion that they must learn, that they must grow, that they must learn to find that pain within themselves.  This is the greatest equalizer of all that growth.

That that you call god or the greatness or mother energy or oneness has no penalty.  You know within your own being as you grow that there are times that it hurts and times that it doesn’t hurt.  When you leave the physical plane and you are in complete spirit, then when you have this within your energy you know that the pain has caused you great growth and you have depth and knowing.  And now when you return to the physical world and when you are on the other end of this growth.  When you are the receiver, then the pain is awoken and it is with much more depth.

You see it is usually a very new soul that chooses to do these atrocities to another.  But when it is done by one who is not brand new, when they have knowledge that what they do causes pain and still they find peace in it, then they are distorted and they are in a state of no growth.  Then this is a great punishment upon themselves, for they harm their piece of god.  And they feel very badly about this, so do not judge them.  Have compassion.   Love them my dear, as many of the great teachers have said.  Always hold them in the light of love.

I’m just thinking of Quadaffi in Libya right now where he is shooting down citizens in the street.

Yes, yes.  You are seeing the overturn of souls.  Where new souls have been in control and now there are those ancient ones that have come forth saying:  no longer can we stand for this.  And of course there are going to be many that will surrender their lives for this change to take place.  But they go in love and light.  Please….  Yes, have pain, have compassion, be willing to help in any way you can.  But do not think that it has been a waste.  For it is not so.

This is a time that you should have honour to be present in your physical world.  For you have come as healers to help this physical plane. Its construction is by your choosing your growth; its destruction is by the choosing of no growth.

This one (Quadaffi) is very filled with fear.  And he will….  Well, it is not to be spoken.  You will see.

So how can we help from this side of the world?  By sending love?

By speaking your truth.  Standing up, even though, ancient one, you may feel:  no, I don’t want to attract that attention.  You know you must now.  You must speak what is true.  It is your truth.  Not to say that all should follow.  But give them the opportunity to choose, perhaps, a different route, by hearing your words.  This is a different teaching than is thought before.  It’s almost as if I want to say there are totally new rules for you all now.  They are the individual truths coming together to create a great force, of leading.  Leading by the gentle truth that is in your heart.

It is not a great time of intellectual speaking.  That will fall on deaf ears now.  It is a time of standing one to one and being — in the light of God.  You see it.  You know this.

Thank you.

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