The conscious mind is in battle with the heart

IMGP1445L  writes:  

I had question about my boyfriend, A. He had taken a flu vaccine about two years ago and the repercussions have been horrible, with swollen joints and pain in his body, his feet. He is quite weak and his body hurts him, so this is dangerous for both his career(it is hard for him to find work) and because he could be prey to criminals that see him limping. My questions are: what can be done to help heal his body? What herbs, foods, medicines, etc. can I suggest to him to make him well? Secondly, what is the purpose, spiritually or karmic-wise, for him having this adverse reaction?

The guide’s response:

There is always a purpose for the body to react, dearest.  When a body is attacking itself it is saying it is unhappy.  It is saying it feels it is out of pace with what it came to do.  So, this gentle being needs to stop trying to push forward, but to examine all actions, all choices, all needs and what his heart speaks to him.

The conscious mind is in battle with the heart.  That is what an auto-immune disorder is and this is what has occurred with him.  The vaccine that  was introduced into his body had very little to do what truly was about to happen.   As you will look back, you’ll see that this being felt unhappy before the intrusion of the injection.

You must not make choices for this being.  This being needs to make own choices.  It may take a while.  As to eating, this one is already in a state of lack of choice, often called depression in your era.  This is a natural state that the body manifests when feeling it must not move forward.  To move past this is to examine what has been felt up to now. Help this being, talk.  Judge not, simply listen.  Put a mirror up for this one to see what he has decided to do or not to.

Do not be afraid to hear, for this one needs to know that there is complete trust to voice all.  It is often the case that the child within needs to speak of that that has occurred.  This is somewhat part of it.  This being has been busy and saving others instead of self.  It is often the disguise worn for those who need to heal their own being.

If you do not understand what I speak, ask him, blessed one.  Trust that this being is on his own path as you are on yours.  You must find trust for yourself. Bless you.


There is a powerful message in the guide’s words here.  It applies to anyone who experiences a time of depression or chronic illness.  The body is telling you to stop and examine old feelings and attitudes.  These offer clues to healing your entire being.  

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