The circle represents elements of growth

Another question taken from our Evening in the Circle with the Spirit Guides

Twyla:  You  talk about people having paths and a purpose when they arrive. So does each of us have an actual destiny, that we live a life almost like déjà vous, things are meant to happen, you talk about a circle,  recurring.  Is it that we all go through a certain path that predestined?

Guide:  No dear it is not pre-destined. The circle is to represent the elements of growth. The circle is that everything you learn, you will learn it in every dimension from every side of the circle. As if to say if you were to learn about great loss of a loved one, one lifetime, you might learn that, the next time you might be the loved one leaving. Or you might experience it too just a different way. That’s what the circle means.

You come into a life choosing to learn things. Perhaps it’s to deal with a difficult mother; there seems to be a lot of that now. Sometimes it’s just a difficult love, that causes you such pain. To understand that many times the pain the body creates to bring you to the attention of something you need to do to grow. Your promises may become this way on your path, or your elements of learning. We call them promises for you make them to yourself. There is no judge, there is no burden of right and wrong. You must walk through your path  learning, your truth, in your way.

And it will change, it will not be the same truth tomorrow it is today. For change is a constant in the physical world. It must be. The outcome of a path you will decide when you leave, when you transform, you look upon that that you have done.   You will stay in a place of great learning until you see all that you have affected in that life. The love … and the difficulties; then you’ll know what you have yet to learn.

You live in a time where it’s quite the opposite of what is really happening. When you have loves that leave you, much of your world talks about how you should hate and dislike and be angry. In truth, dearest ones when bonds of love are made they are never broken. In fighting against this only will cause you stress. So when a loved one chooses to not grow or not be with you or to move into another domain, be willing to love them, still. And in that you will love yourself, and free yourself for that that is yet to be.

Many states of growth are created by those who fight against the natural order of love. A state of no growth is a place where your body cannot move forward, and you will create a dis-ease, or a difficulty to stay there, to come back to it time and time again. Instead of loving and moving forward.

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