The beginning of a circle within a circle


There were many reports from different areas around the world about strange sounds which appeared to be coming from the sky.  What are these sounds?

There is no single being present in your physical world that is not aware of the irregular energies that are present in your world.  It does not matter where they think it comes, it matters that it is felt; that it has your attention.  I have said the same understanding, that there are many ways to the truth.  Whether it being a heavy metal song or a beautiful hymn, if it is part of your focus to the right element, it is what is needed.  You spoke of all hearing the sound.  There are those that will believe it is a great communication.  There are those that will fear the end.  There are those that will just fear and wish not to be present.  And, there are those who will believe it is the voice of God.  The voice of your mother earth that was so created for your growth cares only for your growth.  Did it get your attention?  For many it did and all have sensed a shift, the Overturn. The past is the past.  It no longer can be remembered.  Create now the reality, the growing for the new time. Whether it be a Mayan calendar, or a Timex watch, this is a new time. Each of you creating what they need.  But all have the opportunities right now, even in a prison, created from whatever, you can choose to unlock. Take time to understand all that is there for you now.  Whether you meditate on it, daydream about it, write it.  What do you need to be?  Some of you will think it is money.  Some of you will think it is a car, some of you will think it is a home, a pair of skates, a teddy bear.  It is not the end.  It is the beginning of a circle within a circle.  This happens constantly in each individual, but the circle has widened.  That is what the Overturn means.  That all beings will hear it and it is hopefully, the beginning of a wondrous opportunity for growth.

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