Taking action to find your own voice


Amelia writes:

Dear Guides,

I feel very scattered career-wise. At the moment I am unemployed and trying to be self employed by offering various services, with little success so far. I have many different talents but nothing seems to go anywhere. I have so many things I am passionate about, too many things, i think. I am wondering what it is I am meant to do? Will I ever be able to support myself through my talents?  Thank you!

The guides response:

You, dearest one, confuse your talents with something that is separate from who you be.  You are many things.  There are many possibilities at hand.  You know very well that you could help others. You know very well you could teach others.  You seek to be seen.   You seek to be seen, dearest one.  In order for that to occur, you must find that voice to not always judge that they are negative but there are beings that will help you.  Find your voice.  Speak of who you are and what you offer.  Do not fear.  You are going around and around in circles in your mind.

Begin each day by doing something completely different.   Step out of that circle into a greater circle. Seek out someone who will help you by hearing you.  All beings need to be heard, to be seen, to be loved.  This is part of your process blessed one.  Begin today–even if you are pretending at first to laugh, to find with purpose something humorous.  Remember being.  You are very bogged down right now dearest, trying so hard that you are missing it. Find joy and seek it and the rest will fall into place.  Remember that your actions, your choices for your growth, you are not without the ability to have everything you want but you must choose it.  That is the action, the choice.

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