Many Guides have been talking to me in the last few days

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Tomorrow afternoon we are having an event. I always ask the Guides what the event should be about and what I should talk about. My dear Guide responded with, "It is a time for celebration... celebrate yourselves... each of you a miracle". Many Guides have been talking to me in the last few days. I [...]

What goes bump in the night? A gathering at Goward House in Victoria, Oct 29

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Here we are coming up to our fourth gathering at Goward House on October 29th and we are going to talk about, What goes bump in the night? When was the last time you talked about ghosts or these things that go bump in the night? I mean seriously, when did you last have a [...]

Our first night at Goward House was amazing.

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There were so many wonderful people at this gathering. It was a love-in for me. Our talk was about getting to know "you", that radiant spirit that you are. I just could have stayed all night. I know I am usually "high" after channeling and tonight I just feel so blessed. Thank you to all [...]

Monthly gatherings at Goward House in Victoria, BC

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Ask and you shall receive! We are going to host some gatherings at Goward House in Victoria, British Columbia and I am so excited about it. Though we are all on our own unique path with our own set of promises, we can learn and grow from "Being" with others. When we are in the [...]

I learn so much from being with others

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Summer is upon us in Victoria. I love to sit and have my coffee in the garden in the early morning (usually still in my nightgown). It is so still yet so alive. The humming birds and bees buzzing about the flowers and pond. I feel so blessed, and yes even the traffic noises are [...]

Our June 13th Circles event was wonderful

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I don't completely have any idea what was asked or answered but I felt so enveloped by the energy. Being with all of the shiny, wonderful people, I found it hard to leave. My memory of the afternoon is that the air was thick. I wanted to stay and talk to everyone and I know [...]

Being in the presence of all the love and energy is beyond words

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Hi Everyone, I am really excited about our event tomorrow at the University of Victoria. Being in the presence of all the love and energy is beyond words. When I used to do private readings, the night before I would always invite the person's Guide to come the next day. They always seemed to come [...]


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