Kathleen asks:

I’m just wondering if there’s anything I need to be doing or doing differently in my life.


The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you are a wise, gentle being. And it’s always a  wise thing to stop and just witness your path.  Just step outside it for a moment and see:  who do you love?  Who do you have in your life?  How do their eyes light up when they see you?  How does your heart beat when you see them?

Ask your body:  Have I any pain when I think of any of these beings?  Do I wish to make something more at ease with them?  Are there words needed?  Is it touch, perhaps?  Am I too busy?  Do I have time for me?  Do I have time for them?  It is a wise being that stops to take account of what is.  Not quickly hurrying past all those fragile, wonderful moments that create growth not only for self, but also for others.  I am not surprised that you often feel rushed or even lost in your physical world.  The element of time is so prevalent in our society right now that it has become almost against instead of a tool to use for growth.

So witness your path.  Is it good enough to be called yours?  You know what is right for you, my child.  In that inner depth, that quiet knowing of who you be.  That teacher that lies within knows what is right for you.  Is this path one you feel good with?  For only you know this, my child.  Is this path Kathleen’s?

Bless you my child.  I know how wise you are.  I know how wondrous you are.  I know you will never stop growing.  You are light.