Stepping forward and being responsible for your own truth

stepping forward

The guide that we at Circles often refer to as the great mother shared a message about the time we are in now. The spirit guides have called this period the “Overturn of Souls.”  If you wish to read more about the Overturn, please type this topic into the search field.

I know your world is now beginning to see and is also in great denial.  The time of strength is at both ends of the scale.  There are those that want clarity and purity and  those that do not care what chemicals they eat or impact they have. It is a confusing time to be but you chose to be here, so there is learning at hand.

Recently, the United Nations released a report on climate change.   Scientists from many countries agreed that if we do not stop using fossil fuels and significantly reduce the greenhouses gases, the effect on our ecosystems, our planet, is alarming.

Yes, it is true you society will truly have difficulties but mother earth will heal.  It will be society  that has to learn for their actions.  Try to remember that you are in a time of responsibility.  For each individual, must make their own choices to correct the balance that is out of balance now.  It is not alright to allow another to choose for you.

That is what this era of growth is about.  If you stand under the banner of many and it is not your truth or your choice, you are limiting your growth, your actions and reactions in the physical world no matter what the banner is.  If it is a belief system, it is a way of choosing.  Do you understand this, my dear?

I think so.  So, for example, if I choose to join a protest against the oil sands and I was gathered with the group, but perhaps did not feel like it was my whole truth, then it would be a mistake?  I can mostly align with this effort but there is a part of me feeling hypocritical as I presently own and drive a car.

Yes.  So, if you were to join a religion, or a company, or anything that is not your truth then you are not being responsible to yourself and your actions and that that follows through from them, would not be what you would choose.

Wow, that is quite an impact.

This is what the time of the Overturn is about.  No longer is it acceptable to follow the masses and not understand that you are unique and important and separate. Although your energy and spirit is of the oneness, your actions in the physical world are important.

A long time ago you were all asked to step up, to step forward and I know ancient beings do not want to do this. They feel: live and let live.  But right now the large numbers of very new beings need to be taught. They need to have examples to follow. They need to look forward to someone and go, perhaps that would be right, or perhaps that would mean something to them.

That is why it is responsible to be responsible for your truth.

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