LightBeing writes:


Hi Guides, thank-you so much for your site.  Can you please give me some guidance. I am stepping out once again into the unknown.  I am making the the right choice leaving it all in the universe’s hands. Something is drawing me to a place I really didn’t think I would ever go to. I know it is time to bring forward my voice, but I also need a flow of money, a job. I feel things are not what they seem and there may be a man I am meant to connect with at this place.  Thank you for all your guidance.

The guide’s response:

You have answered your own question, blessed one.  You know that your forward movement brings you into the light, but are now actually taking the steps will bring forward that.  You have been in a somewhat place of no growth and you have known it.  And you have  practiced over and over, releasing yourself and stepping forward with the radiance of who you be, knowing that that will make clear the way for all that will be.  And so it shall be.