“A friend” writes:

Why am I so angry all of the time and find it very difficult to forgive and let the past go? I feel emotionally tired from over analyzing & negative, paranoid thinking. How can I stop hurting?

The guide’s response:

You don’t want to let go of it.  It is as simple as that, blessed one.  For when you become weary of it and wish for it not to be there anymore and you are willing to let go of it, then you will choose to.  But, right now you are holding yourself there in that state of being because you feel moving ahead that in some way you will lose touch of who you be.  That that affected you, did it change you?  Yes, of course. You grew.  You understand it more.  But in order to move forward in bliss and happiness, you must be willing to love yourself through it, to forgive.  It does not mean you accept the conditions of what happened. It means you are willing to trust in light and love and move forward–and then you will.