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Knowing the spirit/body condition and connection, I will tell you that worry is controlled by the mind in the body. Yes, there are a very few things that the physical part of you controls over spirit.  But, often times, the mind will completely hood-wink the spirit, almost as if you are two separate beings.  But the true control must be from spirit and is from spirit.  If you can for a moment, step out of your body, metaphorically of course, and look upon yourself and realize how small this is in the grand scale of your path.  And you do not wish to waste any beautiful second by not being helpful to this experience by bringing in the greatest understanding, love, support and forward movement that you can.

There is positive and negative worry; thoughts of love and surrounding beings of light is positive.  You would call it worry that you hoped this being would be well.  Turn it into loving this being and projecting light and energy to them.  Or something that you believe in some sort of ritualistic way that a certain being, or a certain expectation might be fulfilled again, well, you are giving it the energy for it to be created again.  So, there must be something within it that you feel you want.

Old ways, old conditions are still within you as you know you cannot unlearn those things, but you must learn how to be stronger than them.

It is often believed that the greatest power over worry is laughter.   If you can see something funny in your actions you will be opt to change it.

Why do people tend to worry a lot at night?

At night, your world is still and all of those things that lay before you in certain actions, that you have free will to work on, are placed before you and, unfortunately, the negative side of the mind likes to think about that that is out of control. That is why beings have dreams of out of control.  You think you must control all things instead of looking at  perhaps those negative situations and ask that they  be resolved,  that through yourself willing  to be that that you came to be and with the help and guidance of all physical and spiritual energy that it will be resolved.  And simply with these actions it will bring calmness to you.

Please ask of yourself and the guides and beings of light that surround you, to help you.  The middle of the night could be a delicious time to think of all of the wonderful things that are present in your path, all of those lovely faces you adore to look at, all of those actions that bring great joy to you.

Worry is a result of this great creative mind.  You cannot completely stop it, but you can help it to see there is a resolution to all things.  If you worry about that that was created in the past, the greatest way to resolve it is to see who you are now; a success, that you be, you are present.  That is not who you are, you are who you are.

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