Speaking your truth, seeing who you truly are

Anthony says he is in a difficult situation as he is married and has been having a relationship with a girl who is also married, for the past year and a half. He says, “There have been some incredible “highs” and some very low “lows”. Throughout it all, especially during the lows, I get information from my guiding spirit that “it will happen”. I have learnt so much about life through my guiding spirit and I now appreciate that there are things going on around us that are beyond our control and comprehension.
I am now at a tipping point in my relationship and things have to change, one way or the other. My guide tells me that the relationship has her blessing and also the blessing of my girlfriends guiding spirit. And “it will happen”. I trust in what I am being told, but then one elemenet missing is “when”. I would dearly like to know whether we are talking in days, weks, months or years. Can you help?

Dearest one, you are not making choices for your own growth. You are holding your breath, you are not living your life completely. You are even somewhat uncomfortable with looking upon your image and such a beautiful image you are. Dearest, dearest one, I am more wanting you to love yourself at this time.

Worry not about the choices of others. Worry about your choice of where you need to be. You seek the love and attention that you so dearly lack within yourself, because you do not find it for yourself. So you seek it in other ways. You are attracted to that that is secret and quiet because you have great difficulties speaking about your heart, your emotions and your needs. You have not been living a lie, you just have not been living a life, my dearest.

Such a beauty you are. You have not made mistakes. The only being that you are hurting is yourself. Gentle being, you know that it is time now to speak your truth. You don’t even know what it is yet and that is the frightening part. Take some time right now for you. Walk, talk, think about who you are and what you truly want in the clarity and the brilliance of the day, not in the loneliness of the night. Look into the faces of those that are around you. Do you see you? Do you see you reflected back? Dear one, try to put you in the picture, you know what I mean.

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  1. Anonymous January 7, 2010 at 11:29 am - Reply

    I need some advice about the father of my children. In the same breathe often he will proclaim this great love for his kids and how he misses them immensely and is so very sad he is apart from them – but he will also tell me he is too busy to see them as he has to work hard to provide for them, or that he needs to get away to clear his head because he is so unhappy. I do not appreciate his behavior. His communication skills do not make any sense and give me a headache. He treats me like a doormat and like I have no intelligence. So, my question is, I have hovered over my children to protect them from his nonsense but now I am thinking they need to learn how to deal with his personality. They are strong – but I don’t want him to hurt them (emotionally) the way he has me -and I do realize that their relationship with him is different from his an mine. I am tired and overworked because he knows very well that if I will do all the parenting and care giving while he tends to his own desires. Will my children be happy and feel secure and safe if they spend more time with him? And how many lifetimes have I shared with these two gigantic little ones? Many thanks and love.OneSingleMom

  2. Anonymous January 10, 2010 at 4:39 am - Reply

    A comment on Speaking your truth, seeing who you truly are”. Not requesting any guide feedback here. These are just my observations.First, it is surprising that since he got the other info from his spirit guide that his guide did not give him a time estimate.Second, it is obvious, to me anyways, that he really had doubt more than a time question but was really hoping what he wanted to happen would actually happen and was looking for more “support” in that direction.Starting to love himself and speak his truth is the answer as they said. With that, everything else he wants to know will become cleared to him.Third, it is good to get some insight on those who have affairs. When the guide said he was only hurting himself I did question that. I mean he is not giving his full attention to his wife and her knowing about the affair would probably be painful for her for many reasons.

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