KF asks if it’s possible to explain what is happening when a person experiences déjà vu. She says she experiences this quite frequently.

There are many different reasons for this. There is your scientific reason that the brain trips, for a moment, that the heartbeat causes one to think that time actually changed or you have seen it before, but in truth, you have not. Then there is a spiritual understanding that you are now having the ability to see time and space as a separate thing. To see your presence in a separate domain, as if stepping out for a moment and getting to view it. It is a good thing for this being. Amusing perhaps, interesting, but something that this being is being taught–to see her path, to take a moment out, to not always react, but to see it as if witnessing her own path.

So in her case it is an experience that is there for her learning about her path?


With other people, it might be something different, the déjà vu?