Chanti wries:

My dear guides, when you say I have a wonderful, gentle beings working with me, do you mean people around me in person or in the spirit world?
Is there someone, a man or woman in person, who could help me more for my growth? Or will I meet someone soon to help me with my growth?
Thank you from my heart for all your help.

The guide replies:

Yes, blessed one, you have beautiful beings in spirit that are with you and helping you.  And if you stop for a moment and look upon that that has been in your path you will see how you have grown.  You will see how radiant you are, how strong you are.  You seek a partnership, a love, a deep beautiful love.  If you allow that to open, it shall be.  The teacher you seek (that you are so not willing to look at) is the teacher that lies within.

On a path, there will be many places and times and people that will present themselves if they are part of work, or a task of promises.  They will provide a time and a place to take up a promise–if you choose it.  There is no one thing or person for each of these promises; there will be many opportunities. Do not look for just one, but see your entire world as having potential for teaching you.  And know that  you have the greatest potential for growing and learning.  Choose that book, touch that hand, talk with that person….  All are part of your growth; nothing wasted, nothing unimportant.