K – What are our guides doing while we are not growing like when we are asleep at night?  Are the guides still busy even when we are asleep?

Yes.   You dwell in the place of time, we do not.   If I see time different than you it does not exist between the two of us.  So, when you sleep, and sleep isn’t even not busy my dear.   There is a world inside of you working, thinking and growing.  There is not only digestion, there is nourishment, there is an electrical system and then of course in the young there is the stretching and pushing of all of the boundaries for growth.  Sleep is not stillness as it is one of the busiest times and it is when you need to be protected and guarded.

Some day I will tell you all of that that occurs but not yet.  You have such an inquisitive mind blessed one and you love all of it.  You get excited about that that others do not even notice and you are afraid to miss a single thing.  So, I am thankful you sleep.