Should she wait for a married man or walk away?

I have a question here from Kimmie and she has a relationship with a man whom she has been involved with for about two and a half years. He is married but they feel a strong connection and they love each other and feel they are meant to be together. But he is staying with his wife for his child. Her question is why do they keep coming back to each other. He says that they will be together one day but she doesn’t know whether she should wait for him or walk away.
She does know. She has a very sad heart, this being. She wants very much the love that she needs. Her heart and her mind are in constant fighting at this time. She is probably feeling very exhausted, highs and lows.

Blessed being, he is choosing to stay for his child, he says. But what you are hearing is that he is choosing them over you. It is important that you understand your choice. He is choosing for him, and you must choose for you. Love is an amazing energy. The attraction between the two of you is ancient; many lifetimes have been shared together. And many times it has not been as whole and complete as you have needed it to be. So part of you does know that you must choose to move forward now.

Why is it that in the physical world that one must stop loving in order to be that that they need to be? This is not a truth. You are a loving, amazing creature, one that is filled with compassion and love for many beings. Be clear with your knowledge of what you must do for your growth. Stop fighting your heart. Be that that you need to be for your being, for your choice. Understand that love only moves forward. Growth—it doesn’t stop. Surround the being with love, ensuring that he will choose and move, as he needs to do so. And surround yourself with love, so that you must do what you need to do in this path. Should the time come when you choose to be close, do so. But for now you need to have a separation of paths so that you might think clearly on what you need to do.

Many times in your life you have made choices not to grow for other beings, allowing the their growth to be more important than yours. Choose now for you, my blessed one. Choose for your growth. Oh my beautiful being, allow the light that you are to radiate. Hold not back your love. Move forward in choices, in growth, for your own being.

I feel very sad when I hear you talk about her because she so obviously wants someone to love her, to be with her.


It’s hard to be alone.

She is choosing to be alone. She need not be. There are many. There truly is another being that is in her path, that she has not yet met, that will give her great enjoyment and happiness. That that she fears is that that she has created. Tell her to love herself.

I will, and thank you.

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