Sahara Wind  writes:

Hello.  The guides shared many years ago that I would meet a wonderful man with a boat and experience love. I feel ready now and wonder why he is not here yet. Is there anything I need to take care of? Is it still a matter of time, or something on his side?

The guide’s response:

And you are wondering where oh where is this being you are already on a path to meet.  Don’t be impatient.  I know you have met many and you have great capacity to love.  Taking that one step closer is the most frightening for you.  But you do want this and you are working towards this.  You are shedding many past beliefs about yourself.  You cannot rush this, dearest one.  Be patient.  You are on a wide and amazing path.  And in parts of this path you have put on insulation, or attitudes of understanding, that you are shedding one by one, feeling lighter, clearer, but more sensitive and more fearful.  And so thus you need to shed those one by one.  Does it seem back and forth?  Perhaps in your linear world, but it isn’t.  Growth is releasing to the height of your vibration.  It shall be.