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P1130336Timia Timia writes:

Dear Guides,
What do I need to do? I was told I will receive a 7-day eviction notice & the mgr. is being very mean spirited. I apologized to her if I disrespected her, but I don’t think I disrespected her. I did not want to hear her speak to me the way she spoke to me. Also, will you give me a name of the person who can help me with investing?

The Guide’s response:

Blessed one, there is a strong need for you to be heard–but not all beings need to hear you. It would be wise for you to remember to take a deep breath before your speak, before you give your opinion of something. For remember my dear, not all beings hear or see or feel the same as you. And not all are willing to even hear another opinion. This being is somewhat anxious and worries that you could cause a great deal of disruption amongst others. Just reassure her by your apology that it never was the intent to disrupt anything.

There are times my dearest when it is best to speak in a positive way. A positive statement clears the way for both to speak. You could speak about how well she does operate things and how grateful you are to have a home and place there with her. You may feel somewhat hostile at this time but it would be much better for you to diffuse the situation by speaking some kind and loving words. If the 7-day eviction notice comes you need to realize there is much more that can be done to resolve this problem, that things done in haste can often be resolved and melted away.

As to investments my blessed one, you were told to invest in yourself and that that you see as good and positive. If you are looking for monetary returns, at this time in your world there are many excellent beings that can help you with this. The greatest thing you need blessed one, even though you might think is money, is truly companionship. Invest in those, in time and energy, in quiet conversations, in gentle giving and taking of wonderful energy for you. Open your hands to those that need help. Open your heart to those that seem lost, and just simply be in the presence of company, of other beings.

Somethimes it simply takes, while you wait for something, to hear the voices and conversations of others and to open your heart to hem. You don’t need to say words or take up their problems, but send your love and light through your heart to them. It truly is an action that has great effect. And when you do this you trust in their energy and you draw it back to you.

Bless you my child. Bless you for all you do and who you be.

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