I want to know when my purpose will be revealed?

Guide – Blessed one, your purpose has already been revealed to you many times over.  You have a great desire to cure all and aid all situations around you to a point that you are now a bit frustrated with everything because you have an understanding that each being must do their own work.  But you have set seeds in motion already.  You might think that it does not have a great banner over which you walk under.  But you have presence amongst many and have healed many.

You are inquisitive and you demand truth.  Oh, so few in your world now want truth. They want no responsibility, no truth, but you do.  And this you teach through a manner of how you be. Oh, you can proceed and take many classes and have different plaques, and all number of different categories how you might consider yourself, but in truth, your purpose had begun a long time ago when you stopped and saw.

The process began when you saw the whole of a being, not just an act, or action, or the words that came through their mouth; when you began to see the whole of them. It is already in process, my dear.