Seeking purpose…yet the seeds are already planted


I want to know when my purpose will be revealed?

Guide – Blessed one, your purpose has already been revealed to you many times over.  You have a great desire to cure all and aid all situations around you to a point that you are now a bit frustrated with everything because you have an understanding that each being must do their own work.  But you have set seeds in motion already.  You might think that it does not have a great banner over which you walk under.  But you have presence amongst many and have healed many.

You are inquisitive and you demand truth.  Oh, so few in your world now want truth. They want no responsibility, no truth, but you do.  And this you teach through a manner of how you be. Oh, you can proceed and take many classes and have different plaques, and all number of different categories how you might consider yourself, but in truth, your purpose had begun a long time ago when you stopped and saw.

The process began when you saw the whole of a being, not just an act, or action, or the words that came through their mouth; when you began to see the whole of them. It is already in process, my dear.

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  1. Nancy October 1, 2013 at 1:00 am - Reply

    My dear guides , in the past month I have been working as a nursing aide in a home care facility I was happy that I could find a job but this job as affect me with my emotion and my health I have been sick again with this bad cold who is not going away . When I come home from work some time I cried because the way we have to work and take take of the older made me sad .It is not the way I like to give care for someone who is unable to express how they really feeling , you know what I mean ? This nursing home I work is a industry work sad to say. Now I got another job opportunity but I am still not to sure if I want to take it either because it is to sale luggages and purse in a store a full time job and course the pay is very low. I do love to take care of older people and people who need care but now I feel so empower to do my job right and they made me work but less pay because my diplomat as not values in France in the health field . The directrice of the facility offer me as well a contract to work there but she is paying me very low not has a nursing aide but I am doing the nursing aide job .Yes course it is not about the money in the world but I do believe that my work in a nursing aide is hard work and I should deserve paid . As a choice to work in a store to sale luggages and purses or work in the nursing home ??? To be honest I would prefer not one of them and because I would like to buy with my husband a small salon the the coffee shop if I should stay in France but int his time it look this is not going to happen so I am again confuse with all those decision I need to take in a mean time my health again is no good and feel not healthy at all . Can you please help me , to direct me on my choices ?
    Thank you manning blessing .

  2. Mary October 1, 2013 at 9:23 am - Reply

    I often wonder about writing, yet am afraid to believe that I have anything of value to say. I have no letters before or after my name, therefore I am uneducated and considered stupid. Any advice on what I can do to learn to forgive and love myself? Are their people with gifts that can help speed up this process, or is it simply your connection to source, and having to sit with whatever emotional pain arises? Please tell me my children will be fine.

    Thank you very much.

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