Seeking justice for Trayvon and comfort of spirit


Standing Still – I want justice for Trayvon and criminal justice reform. I wrote the book thinking that would prompt justice and reform. I provided the evidence that the police and prosecutor withheld. Was my writing in vain? I want many people to read the book and they have not. Should I just turn my back to such events and not care since I can’t do anything about them anyway?

What happened with Trayvon’s death affected me too much. I never understood this and this itself worried me. I thought I could make a difference. I don’t want to be powerless. These people should not be allowed to get away with this. Was it that I charged for the book or did I charge too much for it? The wrongdoers are still controlling the system and Zimmerman is a free man. I feel like all of my hard work was in vain. Yes, it helped me, but I did not just write for me. I wrote to get justice. I have difficulty even getting copies to his parents! Please help me to comfort my spirit. (Please read as written. Thank you.)

Dearest one, thank you. Thank you for caring.  Thank you for speaking your truth.  Thank you for being the light and the love that you are.  Thank you for wanting your world to be as perfect and balanced as you would want it to be.

Thank you for standing out and putting yourself in a difficult position.  Thank you for your tears.  Thank you for your love. Know that it is known.

The many beings that live in your world have choices and therein lies their growth.  You have done yours by that that you have done and I am thanking you for it. You cannot expect or have a result that is your desire.  It must be the growth of each individual.  And you have caused and created some growth and we are thanking you for that.

The greatest thing you must do now is to accept that that is and see how you have grown.  You walk about often in your own world with great conversations in your head about things that should be.  But this action actually helped to relieve a great deal of that.  Thank yourself for this.

When you toss seeds into a garden it takes a while for all to take root, for plants to grow, for flowers to be seen.  Think of this that your truth has been seeds in a garden.  Step back, do not expect and know that one day you will hear the great flowers you have created.


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