Seek the teacher within; seek your truth and light

Funtastic writes:

Dear Guides please provide clarification to some of the things that you stated in the reply titled “It is your growth, your time to learn…” on May 14, 2011.  I was able to think of two choices that I made that were not truly from me but from religious beliefs that may be outdated concerning sex before marriage and being submissive. However, you said to look at the choices that I make to see if “they come from very limited learning early in life”. The two beliefs that I identified are from later life not early life so please help me to identify the ones from early life that are harming me. I do want a loving mate in my life, and I want to be able to love him fully without any baggage. My past and upbringing has inhibited me so much already; I don’t want that to happen anymore. I only want to have those beliefs that are in line with my highest good. This is where I would like specifics since I want to be free of unconscious, subconscious, and conscious beliefs that limit me today. I know the past that I came from was very damaging, and God knows that I do my very best to not let it inhibit me, but I can’t change what I may be unaware of or don’t have the know how to change.

Also, I received a very vicious reading from a tarot card reader named Xymbers that is related to my original question from the message reply in question. Her choice of words were extremely hurtful to me and she was a person that I believed gave accurate readings up until now. Please shed light on this because it really hurt me. Thank you.


The guide’s response:

The being that addressed the negativity to you my dear one is in her own pain.  You manifested for that one her inability to be what she needed to be.  It was your own anger that you felt.  So take not any of that that was said.  Take the negative words and give it to her and ask her to find the truth as she needs.

There will come a time blessed one, perhaps it already has, when you will not seek out permission from others.  It is not that you won’t commune with the spirit or with others around you, but you will seek the teacher that lies within.  The effect of a whole life and all the beings present in it causes you to have a certain attitude towards life.  You might call it baggage and think that it will always be with you.  You can offer it.  You can know when you hear statements that come from an old place, and you can change them. But always

with you will be the knowledge of that that was, of your fear of being controlled.  For you were controlled intensely by beings close to you, and by those that you chose to stand with for a while until you had the strength to separate from it.  You wonder about things said to you, if the choices were made before because of choices of belief you had before, but do not take on the energy of that time by tromping through your life if you feel wearied by it.

If a memory comes forward, hear, touch, music perhaps, but find some key that unlocks a past memory and if that gives you a physical response, then be in it for the time.  Feel it, sense it. Ask it to speak to you. What is it telling you?  If it arouses, fear, hunger or sadness, have it speak to you. And allow that that you be now, to decode it. Not someone else judging and telling you what to say. This is what is meant by the teacher that lies within.

But to be effecting that and whom you shall meet and come to have a wonderful life.  Know that this is already will come to be. There will be three beings you will meet and can love. There is not one better than the other.  You will choose.  Promises are already in process.

You so desperately want to do all things right that you are in some ways making yourself uncomfortable.  Unlock that door.  Be the radiant being you are.  Allow yourself joy and giggles and share that smile with whomever comes in to your presence.

Dearest one, a life purpose, the road you walk on to experience the growth you need has times of ebbs and flow.  You will see this in all life, in all physical experiences, cells, moons and planets.  So know that a path must have the positive and negative, contrasts in order to see what you need and want.  Effect the choices to be.  The learning you have within you is a good thing. Even that that you look upon as negative, is now positive for you see it and understand.  Be not so worried that you be right.  Just be, my child.  Seek your truth and light.

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