Adrian writes:

In the past I tried to contact my spirit guides, but I didn’t meet them consciously yet. I tried diets, dreams and meditation. Now I eat more healthy and my vibrations are higher. The problem is that I can’t meditate properly,  because my emotional state in not the right one. I’m in love with a beautiful girl, Cristina, and I can’t have peace until she will be mine. Three psychics told me that she will be my wife and I don’t have too much patience. I think that my guides can help me in all areas of my life, but I can’t contact them. I’m sure that they could give me advice with Cristina too.  How long do I have to wait until the bond betwen me and Cristina will grow?  I hope that I will be with Cristina very soon.


The guide’s response:

He is very frustrated and he wants it to happen quickly.  But I must say my dearest one, it is not a given that this one will be your wife.  There is a purpose for your attraction to this one. There is a part of you that needs to become open, loving.  You are so very withdrawn, blessed one.  You very seldom share that amazing light that you are with anyone and you seek the information from those that surround you that you call guides.  Yes, you doubt the love that they give you. You feel you must have a debt, that you must pay back something in order to have that wonder in your life.

There is none, dearest one.  Pick up the love they have.  Listen to the sweet words they say and accept the love for you.   And know that you are a beautiful being.  All of you is magnificent, perfect.  What you see as imperfections create growth–and so it is perfect.  Worry not about when and how.

Be understanding of your frustrations, because you are lonely.  But loneliness is not fixed or cured by having another being in your life.  Loneliness is healed by you being happy with you, by loving yourself, by knowing that you have oneness and contentment in the unconditional state of love.  Then you are ready to welcome into your life, for you be it.

Oh yes, extend your light and love to that one and when you think of her surround her in white light.  Hold her in great esteem, but put yourself on the most important list right now.  See you as the light and love that you must fall in love with and listen to these wonderful wise beings, not all about words of construction, but more about words of light and love.