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6205388712_e395c65d13_zCindar – It took all I had to try to keep calm over my apartment situation by recalling Bible verses recently for my cat’s sake. If my cat had suffered because of this woman’s actions, I don’t know what I would have done. Did my cat suffer?

Regardless of what the circumstances may be, how do I avoid having such fear as with that incident for my mental and physical health’s sake and my pets’ as well? Given my social experience here, is this place a good place for me to purchase a home? Is this even a good time? I want to be near my nieces, but my experience in that state and them moving in about 8 years makes me reluctant. Or Atlanta, Ashville, Charlotte. Please advise. Thank you.

Guide – You were told a long time ago that you should experience other places and see the world from a different lens and yet you fear it.

Your bible verses are helpful, but you are not walking through the valley of death.  You fear those attacking you and if you do find that those verses protect you, so be it.  But you protect you in your calm steady trust of knowing you are right.

Move from place to place you carry with you your own fear.  These little creatures that you love suffer only when you suffer.  They are the mirror for you, my dear.  Keeping them well, keeping you well is one in the same.  You see in their tender lives, your tender life.  And, in many ways you portray this allowing others to make choices over you.

But you are not a prisoner. You have a voice and you be.  As to where you want to live, why don’t you just simply try a few places first, visit and go on little trips.  I know you are afraid to do this, but it would be really helpful for you.  See the world. Do not judge it, but see it.  Oh, there are so many that will try to limit this perhaps.  One of your dear ones will come with you just to help.

Do not buy anything right now.  Just allow yourself to experience different places.  You are too confused at this time and you are somewhat wounded from all of the upset. Allow it to settle and allow yourself to see your world as it is, outside of your four walls.

There are many, my dear, that will help you.  Bless you.


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