Searching for a true purpose

Jessie writes, “I am a 38 year old woman who is searching to find her true purpose.  I am unsure of myself in my career and love life and feel I need to know what direction to take. Do you have any advice on how to find true contentment in either or both.  Are there signs I need to look out for?  I also struggle a lot with PMS and need guidance getting through it.

Dearest Jessie, first for your health, your PMS has to do with hormones, but it also has to do with diet, and rest and enough sleep.  You need to make sure you get very simple foods.  No fast food, or fried food, nothing too complex.  Your diet should be simple.  And you need to have a simple life in many ways, in many ways.
Truly, my dear, there are many things you could do and be and fulfill many paths.  But you are going to be more than just one thing, so beware of that and embrace it.  Mostly important on your path, it will be much more about relationships than it is one career path.  It is the bonds you make with each individual that will feed you and nourish you the greatest.  I know you wonder about this, as you have the ability to love so many at different times.  Old souls do this, it is a good thing.
You are about to make a choice and you don’t know if it is very right for you.  Remember that you change and grow and you’ve never really made a bad decision.  Trust yourself my dear.

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