Sadness over a diagnosis and impending surgery

Sue says she has been very sad lately as she has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and needs to have hip surgery.  She says, “I have worked since I was 15 and now I am off work and I feel guilty every minute that I am not contributing to my family’s money.  I feel very lost and alone in this part of my journey.

It is not about money, dearest child–it is about self love. These things that are presented to you on your path are to bring you to the awareness of caring and loving for you.  Oh, you are first in line to help all the others, not only family, and not only to do with money. You feel you don’t know your place if you are not providing, or giving to another. But it is your wondrous being that you must give to. I can’t tell you to do it. Of course, it is for your growth for you to choose for yourself. To understand the true love of being. Loving yourself, thus, being able to continue loving all others, forever. But you must take care of your being.

For it is only through truly honouring your own being and giving it the time to heal, to strengthen, and receive nourishment, love, that you will teach this to others, to your family. For that is what you want them to know, to be. You do not want them to think they must follow a path of completely exhausting and empyting themselves. No, you did not give them all that love and energy for them to do that. But in truth, blessed one, this is what you teach.

Put yourself on your list. Make you important. Teach them that they you must take care of themselves. Love yourself truly for your own self. Not out of anger, or anguish, or pity, or I may as well do it or I am not good for anything. Love yourself out of the beautiful love you have for others, like that love, like the amazing being you are.

As to your osteoporosis, it is not so bad. Lots of beings have this. It can simply strengthen itself should you choose to pick up and put down a few things, tins from your cupboard, or well, something simple. It does not have to be complex. You have time, blessed one, to heal all parts of you, even this hip. You will feel somewhat different if you allow yourself some time before you make choices about anything. I love you my dear, be patient.

Note:  The guide used the term osteoporosis in the response, rather than osteo arthritis.  It may be that the guide misunderstood the term.  I am not sure if the response would be the same for osteo arthritis.  However, allowing time in a situation like this is not a bad idea.  You could ask again if you would like additional information. Joanna

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