Reya says she’s been single for more than eight years. She says, “I’ve done all the work I can think of to release the events of my last breakup. It was bad, but bad enough to haunt me for eight years? I would love to begin seeing someone again. 

Is there something that’s still blocking me?


Dear, sweet Reya. She is such a darling one. Eight years is nothing truly. Beings have been wary against loving again for lifetimes. But you don’t need to wait that long. You are beginning to be ready to have another experience, another being in your life. And in truth there are two entities that are very close to you that would like to be closer. But you do in some ways keep them at a distance.

You’re very clear thinking and determined, and often when you get a little too focused you miss what can be right in front of you. So take a deep breath and allow the space to be made open within you to welcome someone. Don’t always have the answers; don’t always be putting yourself forward. But allow yourself to sit back and to receive. This is something that is a little different for you. You are a bit of a go-getter; you’re a very determined being. But you shall do well.

As far as the healing goes, healing can take years and years to do. You first of all heal the bleeding wounds, and then the scabs, and then the scars, and then the place where the scars were (as if to say it in a physical sense). But in truth, in the vibrational, every cell of your being takes time to absorb. You’re not really releasing anything; you’re integrating it into your being. What you learned and what you understand about that that you had. And know that every being that comes together with another has a purpose. There was good as well as there was negative.

When you can sense all of this you will understand the wholeness of healing. Does it mean you cannot meet someone before that has taken place? No. You certainly can. And often in meeting some new being the healing of the old takes place even faster—because it helps you to understand and put things in place.

You are an amazing being, full of light, full of greatness to give the world. You are doing just fine. And you are definitely meeting the right beings.

So there’s not something that’s blocking her in this?

No, she’s just a little impatient.

Ok, thank you. I’ll pass this information on.