Reacting with negativity only creates more negativity

Cheenu writes:

I want to ask if it is artificial to respond nicely to people from whom we get cold vibes?  I have a habit of thinking over and over again about the situation  and the person I feel has  wronged me.  I try to stop the thoughts in my mind as I know its becoming a habit and then my relation with other person becomes more of fault finding. How do I respond to such people?  Do i restrict myself, speak up or just let it go?  But does just ignoring it mean I’m tolerating the cold behaviour, which practically I should not? Please advise.

The guide’s response:

Blessed Cheenu, if you you understand that you can only be responsible for your own thoughts, your own choices, your own actions or reactions.  Then know that whether you choose to observe or deny their actions, it only affects you. If will not change or correct them.  So you must respond in a way that is most fulfilling for your being.

It would be wondrous if you could fill your heart with love and pour it out to them.  Yes, even those that seem harsh or angry.  Your energy will for a moment even, let them know that love exists.  Let them see that there is wonder.  You could give this gift—to yourself and then to them.  It is up to you.

But be wise and know that like attracts like in this world. If you react to their negativity with negativity it will only create more negativity.  You decide what is your truth, blessed one.  You decide what vision of you you want the world to see of you.  Bless you, my child.


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  1. Funtastic December 4, 2011 at 3:53 pm - Reply

    Cheenu had an excellent question and the guides had an excellent response. Thank you.

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